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Prices for USA customers below.  We will not export.

55mm Metal 4pc$16.50/pc + shipping$13.50/pc + free shipping$12/pc + free shipping$40
50mm Metal 2pc$11/pc + shipping$8/pc + free shipping$7/pc + free shipping$20
2-inch Wooden 2pc$5/pc + shipping$5/pc + free shipping$5/pc + free shipping$15
2.5-inch Wooden 2pc$6/pc + shipping$6/pc + free shipping$6/pc + free shipping$15
Plastic 2pcN/A (MOQ 300pcs)$5/pc + free shipping$5/pc + free shipping$15
Incense Burners$5 + shipping$5/pc + free shipping$5/pc + free shipping$15
Wooden Essential Oil Box$29.50 + shipping$26.50 + free shipping$25 + free shipping$60

Delivery lead time: 2 weeks after payment received for in-stock items, 4-6 weeks after payment received for out of stock items.

Payment Terms: Fully prepaid

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If you need outstanding merchandise for an audience that rejects mainstream products and lifestyle, please contact us so we can assist you.  Our team of experienced importers and decorators are standing by to make sure your needs are met.